Tutorial: Fixing Mistakes -Utilizing the Power of the Undo Tool

In this tutorial you will learn how to use the Undo and Redo Tools.

While creating graphics, it is inevitable you will make a mistake. Instead of erasing or deleting your work and starting over, utilizing the power of the Undo and Redo Tools is a fast, easy way to fix errors while you work.

Key Learning Points:
  • Undo
  • Redo
Prerequisite Knowledge:
  • Boxy SVG Interface
  • Opening and closing files
  • Line Creation

Step 1:

  • Open Boxy SVG. You do not need to save or name your file for this exercise.
  • Create a few lines on the work-plane.

Step 2:

  • To remove these lines, simple press ' CTRL + Z ' or navigate to Edit > Undo.
  • Each time you Undo, the action you performed/object drawn will be removed. For example, in the four lines in the graphic, by using Undo four times, all four lines will be removed.

Step 3:

  • If you are creating a graphic and accidentally Undo more objects than you wanted to, simple press ' CTRL + Shift + Z ' or navigate to Edit > Redo.
  • Use Redo to bring back the lines you removed using Undo in the previous step.

You have now completed this tutorial! Remember to utilize Undo and Redo to correct mistakes when working on your graphics.

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